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Buying and Selling on Powerbidding.com is easy, safe, and exciting!!!

Our process helps ensure that all items listed on Powerbidding.com are as represented on our site. We use third-party, independent, and unbiased pre-purchase inspectors to evaluate, document, and photograph every item listed so you can trust that the item you bid on will show up in as-listed condition when you receive your item.

We support you every step of the way to maximize your listing to get you the most money for your item!

  • Log in or Register your new account on PowerBidding.com
  • Click on Sell an Item
  • Complete the form with information about the item and upload some pictures.
  • Your dedicated Listing Specialist will contact you and:
    • verify information and listing details
    • answer all your questions
    • schedule your pre-listing inspection with one of our third-party inspection experts
    • You will be charged the $199 listing fee.
  • At the time of inspection:
    • You should give the inspector as much details as possible, such as any options, history, flaws, receipts, a copy of the title, a drivers license, and any other pertinent information so he can document those items and upload to us so we can make an accurate listing.
    • You should have your item clean and in working order show your item can shine and get you the most money possible.
  • After inspection:
    • The inspector will give us the information and pictures of your item and our listing specialist will create the detailed auction listing and send it to you for your review and approval.
    • Once we have your approval the auction listing will go live within a day or so and run for 7 days.
  • While your auction is live:
    • We ask that you participate in the “PowerTalk” comments section of the listing to communicate with bidders and answer any questions to help them feel comfortable in bidding the most amount for your item.  Participation is not mandatory but it will increase bidding on the item.
    • If you don’t want to participate you may receive emails from your listing agent to make relevant responses for you.
    • You will receive email or text updates on your listing.
  • After the auction is over and your item sells:
    • We will connect you with the buyer
    • You will make payment arrangements with the buyer
    • Pickup or transport will be scheduled for your item
    • You rate and review your buyer and the PowerBidding process

Congratulations on selling your item for top dollar on PowerBidding.com!

  • Log in or Register your new account on Powerbidding.com
  • Search or browse for the item you want to bid on
  • Bidders can interact with sellers and the public through our PowerTalk forum to ask pertinent questions about every auction.
  • Auctions run for 7 days
  • Watch auctions you are interested in
  • Financing is available on most items and if you will be financing, you need to be pre-approved before you bid.
  • The last bid will add 3 more minutes to the auction clock to prevent bid snippers and bidding programs to come in at the last minute.
  • When you win an auction item:
    • You are charged the 5% buyers fee by PowerBidding.com
    • We will connect you with the seller
    • You will make payment arrangements with the seller
    • You will need to schedule pickup or transport of the item. PowerBidding.com can assist you with this step, if needed.
    • You rate and review the seller

    Congratulations on winning your auction on PowerBidding.com!

You can run a Reserve or No Reserve auction. We will work with to set a market value reserve if you want a reserve auction. You can remove the Reserve any time!!!

A reserve is the minimum or lowest price that a vehicle will sell for.

YES! That information is not listed and we will contact you with reasonable offers.

The listing fee cost is $199 and that includes the inspection to which the pics will be taken and then the auction listing created.

YES! There is a 1.5% Seller fee on all sold items. Those fees are charged to your credit card on file at the end of a sold auction.

YES! Our servers never keep your credit card information.

We will list your unsold item in our PAST AUCTIONS section for 1 month where you can accept offers then we can relist your item for free if you would like.

Click “HERE” for a tutorial on taking pics.

YES! Click “HERE” to register.

NO. We ask that you run the auction through the entire auction or you will be charged the seller and buyers fees.


YES! Click “HERE” to register.

YES! There is a 5% Buyer fee on all sold items. Those fees are charged to your credit card on file at the end of a sold auction that you are the high bidder on.

YES! Our servers never keep your credit card information.

YES! That is information is not listed and we will contact the seller with reasonable offers.

YES! through the PowerTalk comments on the item listing page.

YES! You can also get email or text updates on listings

YES! Part of our process is to tell others your experience and how the seller treated you. This helps builds our community.

YES! Click “HERE” for our finance section.

YES! PowerBidding.com can arrange shipping for you.

PowerBidding has paid for a 3rd party inspection to make sure the inspection is unbiased.